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Our Atlanta Web Designers specializes in SEO friendly web design and eCommerce websites. Because of the power and scalability that WordPress provides, we are able to deliver a customized E-commerce solution for your business.

We are experts in WordPress web design & development and specialize in WooCommerce and Membership websites. WooCommerce and WordPress are flexible and affordable solutions for small businesses.

WordPress runs 27% of the entire internet. Approximately 17,402,952 websites on the entire web use WordPress. More and more businesses use WordPress websites due to the functionality and flexibility offered by the PHP-based platform. WordPress has evolved from a simple blog into a robust solution used by the world’s leading names and web developers and continues to grow.

WordPress content management system offers limitless potential for functionality and design options for small businesses who want to sell products and/or services to their customers. Because of the large open-source community of WordPress developers, there are numerous updates and plugins being developed. A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website to extend functionality or add new features to your Wordpress website.

Your business can’t afford not to invest in a framework that will cater to your needs. We can design for you a fully customized solution to suit your brand and business needs since WooCommerce offers endless web design capabilities. The bottom line is that it is expandable, secure and well supported. That’s why we choose it for our go-to eCommerce website design solutions.

“WooCommerce provides businesses the capability of expanding & growing as their business grows.”

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce transforms a WordPress website into a full e-commerce online store. WooCommerce is extremely extensible due to the addition of extensions and plugins that extend its core functions.

What is an ecommerce platform?

An e-commerce platform is a software framework designed to allow products and services to be sold online via a shopping cart.

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